Zeherah's Hunter DPS Analyzer: Import Links to the Hunter DPS Analyzer

You can create links to the DPS Analyzer that can pre-fill with certain settings. To do this all you need is to know the URL format and the format of the settings data you wish to override.

URL Format

To create an import link, add parameters to the URL representing the fields you wish to override. You must include an override=1 parameter or the other fields will be ignored. You can optionally include a setting ID if you'd like for a setting to be imported and then override parts of the setting with the other parameters specified.

Here's an example of how you'd load the page with a setting ID (which you can find by using the copy button in your load settings window), then override the first profession with Jewelcrafting instead of what's specified in the setting:


Note: If you specify the override parameter, none of form fields will use their default values (i.e. ones that are usually checked or selected by default won't be), so if you want them to be selected you should specify them in the URL or select them manually.

Every field in the form can be included in your URL as a parameter. If you're looking to set a specific field you can inspect the form to determine the name of that field. There are a couple weird cases on the form that you should be aware of when specifying specific field data to import which are covered in the sections below.

Specifying Gear

As a general rule, the gear slots follow a standardized format, but there are a few exceptions. Below is a list of gear slots and the corresponding key associated with the slot name:

Slot Name Slot Key
Helm helm
Neck neck
Shoulder shoulder
Chest chest
Belt belt
Pants pants
Boots boots
Bracers bracers
Gloves gloves
Ring 1 ring1
Ring 2 ring2
Trinket 1 trinket1
Trinket 2 trinket2
Cloak cloak
Main Hand mainhand
Off Hand offhand
Ranged ranged

The following is the format of the fields associated with a gear slot. Note that these examples are mostly for the helm slot and you would replace helm with the appropriate key for each slot based on the table above. Some of the fields have specialized purposes or only apply to a specific slot.

Field Format Purpose
slot_helm Item ID of the item in the slot
Note: This is usually the official item ID of the item, however in cases of duplicate items or items with random enchants the value may be different. Check the form to locate the correct item ID in these cases.
enchant_slot_helm Enchant ID of the item in the slot
socket1_slot_helm Gem ID of the gem in the first socket
socketmeta_slot_helm Gem ID of the meta gem
Note: this is only used for the helm and is used instead of socket1_slot_helm when using a meta gem.
socket2_slot_helm Gem ID of the gem in the second socket
socketcog2_slot_helm Gem ID of the cogwheel gem in the second socket.
Note: this is only used for engineering helms with a cogwheel socket and is used instead of socket2_slot_helm.
socket3_slot_helm Gem ID of the gem in the third socket.
Note: add-on sockets such as belt buckles are always treated as the third socket.
socketcog3_slot_helm Gem ID of the cogwheel gem in the third socket.
Note: this is only used for engineering helms with a cogwheel socket and is used instead of socket3_slot_helm.
reffrom_slot_helm Stat key for the stat reforged from on the item (i.e. the stat you're removing)
refto_slot_helm Stat key for the stat reforged to on the item (i.e. the stat you're adding)
eng_glove This field is used to specify an engineering tinker for the glove slot

Specifying Talents

By default each talent has an individual field associated with it. However if you prefer, you can specify all talents in one string using the talentslong parameter. This long format of talents is a series of numbers corresponding to each consecutive spot in the talent tree (i.e. the first number is the number of talents invested in the first talent in the first tree and so forth). This is the same format that Armory uses to export talents to Wowhead. For example, specifying an SV spec would look something like this:


Pet talents must be specified individually- see the talent tree for the field names for each talent.

Specifying Shot Priority

The shot priority parameter is shotpriority and it's a | delimited list of shot keys in short lowercase format. Below is a list of the shots supported and their names.

Shot Name Shot Key
Serpent Sting serpent
Rapid Fire rf
Explosive Shot explosive
Kill Shot kill
Black Arrow ba
Arcane Shot arcane
Cobra Shot cobra
Aimed Shot aimed
Bestial Wrath bw
Chimera Shot chimera
Explosive Trap extrap
Immolation Trap immotrap
Kill Command kc
Multi-Shot multi
Steady Shot steady

So for example, a shot priority for SV would look something like this: