Hunter Haste Calculator

This is a simple haste calculator to estimate the speed of your steady/cobra shot based on what haste effects you have enabled. Any feedback can be provided via the feedback link on the main page.

Haste: = 0% Haste
Racial Bonuses: (increase attack speed by 1%)
Specialization Bonuses: (increases ranged attack speed by 15% for 10 sec.)
(increases ranged haste by 6/12/18/24/30% for 20 sec.)
Buffs: (increase attack speed by 10%)
(increase attack speed by 30% for 40 sec.)
(increase melee and ranged haste by by 20%)
Cooldowns: (increases ranged haste by 40% for 15 sec.)
(increases haste rating by 1920 for 20 sec.)
(increases haste by 20% for 10 sec.)
Gear Bonuses: (10% increased attack speed for Steady Focus) (30% haste for 15 sec.)

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Steady/Cobra Shot Speed:

2 sec. (0% attack speed bonus)

Aimed Shot Speed:

2.9 sec.

Hunter Regen:

4 focus per sec.

Pet Regen:

5 focus per sec.

Dire Beast Attack Speed:

2.0 sec. (Estimated Attack Count: 8.5)

Last Updated: 2013-05-04